My Business Philosophy 


I believe that clients want a professional who communicates in a timely fashion, is honest and works with care, skill and creativity within their budget. 

I believe that clients want a decorator or designer who is going to listen to them and then interpret their wants and needs into a home that is attractive, livable and one which reflects who they believe they are. 

I believe that it is my obligation to encourage my clients to listen to ideas with an open mind so that together we might go beyond what is considered the ordinary with our ideas and results. 

I want a long-term relationship with my client and I believe that she wants the same with me. Therefore it is my responsibility to make the process fun and hassle-free and to provide my clients with more service than they expect. When a client is ready to go on to the next step or the next room, I want her to turn to me because she enjoys working with me and respects my talents and values.