Carrie's Suite

Her bedroom is as beautiful as she is.  Designed for a delightful young lady, I call the sheer draperies my “wedding veil style.”  Feminine and soft, they provide a lovely contrast to the strong blue on the walls.  The linen bedspread has a delicate crewel-work floral design which I had echoed on the walls around the room.

Moving to a new community when you're high school age is always difficult.  Carrie, however, was taking the move in stride, asking only for a room with "nooks and crannies".  Her parents did one better, finding a beautiful home with a suite for Carrie.

Her study and music room has the required 'nooks and crannies' she craved and my suggestion of bookcases in the hallway leading into this area gave the room even more interest and lots of storage for all her collections!


The bedroom is also brilliant blue with "wedding veil"-like draperies.  The bedspread is linen and floral crewel work and scalloped edges and the bed skirt is overlaid with the sheer drapery fabric.  Custom pillows set the mood.  It's a girl's dream come true.